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Atomic Count AMID is our top all-mountain helmet worn by our pro athletes – featuring AMID technology, Inverted Hybrid Shell and Live Fit +3600 for extreme protection and a glove-like fit.

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COUNT AMID AN5005534 We’re super excited about the Atomic Count AMID helmet, but more importantly so are our pro athletes! It gives you a glove-like individual fit for 99% of your day and supreme protection for that 1% when things go wrong. The fit comes from Live Fit that molds to your head the moment you put it on, and a 360° adjustment system for fine-tuning. The protection comes from our AMID (Atomic Multi-directional Impact Deflector) technology which absorbs and provides better protection against angled impacts and the helmet’s Inverted Hybrid Construction that offers structural stability around the front and sides – for the most demanding playgrounds. This combination gives you up to 40% higher protection than industry safety standards. Count AMID also integrates with our new Count goggles perfectly. Ski hard, make it Count!